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Visible Light-Responsive

What is a
Visible light-responsive photocatalysts?

We produce activated photocatalysts under visible light.

Surface modified TiO2 using TR-CVD(Temperature Regulated Chemical Vapor Deposition)
method have an activity under Visible-light
Ferrocene doping method is eco-friendly and can be mass production
It can be applied to construction materials, civil engineering structures,
electronic products, household goods, etc.

The function of photocatalysts
  • Decomposition of organic matter: Decomposition of NOx, SOx, VOCs, NH, etc
  • Deodorization and antibacterial: Oxygen radicals (OH-) and peroxygen ions (O2-) adhere to bacterial cell membranes for oxidative degradation
  • Super- Hydrophilic : Powerful oxidizing power decomposes organic matter on the surface to easily remove contaminants
  • Thermal Barrier : Block heat through reflect light as the main ingredient of sun cream and paint.

The activity of Common photocatalysts only showed under UV light. It is only active by sunlight and not by night street lights or indoor lighting.
Visible light responsive photocatalyst is a new photocatalyst technology that uses most of the sunlight.